When Darkness has closed you in

Ein kleiner Mutmacher für die dunkleren Stunden im Leben...


When darkness has closed you in
Put your head up high
Start afresh,
make a new begin.

 Then dry your eyes
Look at the waters, melting the snow
Look at the flowers,
For they love you so.

When your eyes are blinded
And darkness has come your way
Look around then, be reminded
What live has done for you today.

 It brings you sunshine
It brings you rain
It has given you the time
To love them .. both the same.

 It’s not easy to feel the pain
But if you don’t you’ll stand in the rain
The key to fear is to conquer
To conquer brings you life.

 Don’t hide, don’t hide!
Stand in the light.

To shed a tear
Isn’t easy to do
To keep them inside
Isn’t all right.

So cry, cry, cry !

Let those teardrops flow
Then you’ll know which way to go...
...in your flow.


Words written and spoken
by Luka van den Driesschen

Musik: Emile Koelink
Aus der CD “When darkness has closed you in”